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What The ?!?!?!?!?

Who in the H*LL gains 14 pounds in less than 4 weeks?  Who?  Me.  That’s who.  This girl gained 14 freakin’ pounds in just under 4 weeks.  At 12 weeks pregnant I weigh as much as I did when I gave birth to Colette.  I couldn’t believe it when I found out today.  I’m not swollen (or if I am, it’s spread out all over and isn’t noticeable) and my clothes aren’t fitting any differently than they were 8 weeks ago (or 2 weeks ago or even last week).  I don’t know – maybe the change is so subtle that I didn’t notice it but ARGH!!! this weight gain is driving me crazy.  Before you say it – yes I’m pregnant.  Yes, the baby needs nourishment, but let’s be honest here folks.  I’m not a tiny girl.  I have plenty of nourishment to offer my baby WITHOUT needing to increase my calorie intake.  I can safely LOSE weight throughout my ENTIRE pregnancy and the baby would be totally fine.  Honestly, I probably should lose weight.  I want to have a VBAC and the healthier I am, the better the chance of it being successful.  Seems like the holidays are the perfect time to throw caution to the wind and use pregnancy as an excuse to enjoy whatever I want.  After all, the Church even exempts me from any rules of fasting because I’m pregnant.   I’ve said it before – we all suffer for the sake of our children.  We suffer through difficult pregnancies (well, others do – all of my pregnancies have been quite easy, especially compared to some of my friends), labor & delivery, sleepless nights, discomfort, days without showering, cracked nipples, having to re-navigate how to make our marriages work now that kids have joined us on the outside, etc.  I should be ready to joyfully accept the tiny bit of suffering that would come with not helping myself to seconds or indulging in dessert.  Should…but I’ll be honest.  I’m not exactly looking forward to it.  It’s gonna be tough.  I’d appreciate some prayers.

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