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Responding to Tragedy

My family started exchanging emails, expressing their feelings over the tragedy in CT.  One family member immediately started talking about how this tragedy was a prime example of why we need far stricter gun laws, or even to outlaw private ownership of guns completely.  I come from a VERY opinionated family, most of whom heartily disagree with this particular family member, and at times my family is not the best about expressing themselves with charity, grace, and mercy.  Below is my reply to my family regarding the gun control debate that was happening and the tragedy of our fallen nature & world.  (By they way, as you can probably tell from reading below, I’m not in favor of stricter gun laws.)  Thanks for stopping by and reading!  Please, if you feel so called, leave a comment or two.  As this is my blog, I reserve the right to refuse to publish any comments that are rude, vulgar, or distasteful (regardless of if I agree with you or not).  Trolling & nasty don’t look good on anyone.


An object is neither good nor evil.  It is just an object.  A person chooses to use it for something good or evil.  If this man didn’t have a gun and he really wanted to kill these children and adults, he would’ve found another way.  We have free will and no law can stop or hinder that.  Everyone starts talking/debating about gun control after tragedies like this.  We feel helpless.  We feel scared.  We feel angry.  We want to take action.  Doing things, like trying to get stricter gun laws on the books, makes people feel better but it doesn’t help.  If the U.S. was to make it illegal for private citizens to own guns, what will the battle cry be when something like this happens again?  Think about this – what if all teachers & staff were screened, trained, & allowed (their discretion) to keep a gun in their classroom/on their person?  Would that have kept this man out?  Maybe not, but it might have given him pause if he knew that there was the possibility that someone would be able to do more against him than run and hide.  Maybe it would’ve saved some innocent lives.

Ultimately, we need to pray.  Evil is real.  We all choose evil, even in little ways, at some (or multiple) point(s) in our lives.  We choose evil when we sin, and when we sin we harm ourselves and others (even when the sin seems immediately harmless).  We live in a fallen world and there is a battle going on for each of our eternal souls.  That battle will rage on until that hour that no man knows.  We can (and should) take great hope in knowing how the whole things ends.  In the battle of good vs. evil, we know who wins.  No matter how dark it gets, how many innocents are lost, how hopeless we feel – we know who wins.  This is not the end.  We must pray unceasingly, choose good, and when we fail to choose good – when we fall, we must repent and choose to rise.  We must not forget that these battles for our souls are raging daily all around us- invisible as they usually are.  We KNOW who wins.  We’ve been allowed to read the last page.  We must remember, we must hold onto faith & hope, and we must love each other through it all.

I am so thankful that our family is safe tonight.  I pray that, no matter what battles we are faced with in this life, no matter what sin we are touched by, that we will stay strong as a family – as a family in Christ and in blood.  I pray for our souls and as these souls are welcomed into Heaven, as they are welcomed by the warmth and love of Our Blessed Mother, and as they bask in the awesome glory of God – I pray that these new saints will also pray for all of us.
Love you all.

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