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Stuffed French Toast

I came up with this recipe out of 1) laziness and 2) I don’t like traditional french toast that much.  I like the idea of french toast but it always seemed to dry on it’s own and too sticky sweet when you added all the good toppings, so if I wanted to enjoy french toast, I was gonna have to change it up a little bit.  You can order stuffed french toast in restaurants but that stuff seems to have been stuffed with cream via a pastry bag thing.  That’s too much work.  I like simple.  Layers and casseroles and things that you can toss into a pan and then into the oven are simple to me, so here is my recipe for stuffed french toast.  I don’t have any pictures because I never think to actually take pictures of this stuff when I make it.  Also, I’m not a measuring person.  I bake via my senses…does it look good, smell good, feel good and ultimately taste good.

Becca’s Stuffed French Toast

You need…

Bread.  Any will do but if it’s a little dry and thickly cut, that’s very good.  Plain or flavored (i.e. cinnamon raisin) – up to you.

Eggs.  Beaten with milk or cream (water works if your “concerned” about calories {REALLY?!? And you choose to make this?!?} or if you just don’t have milk or cream on hand).  Enough to cover the bread and stuffing in a baking dish.  Start of small…you can always add more…or go big and make scrambled eggs with any you don’t use for the bake.

Spices for the eggs & stuffing.  Nutmeg, Salt, Pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger…you can dress it up as plain or spicy as you wish.  I always add a little salt and pepper to the eggs but everything else depends on the kind of bread and fruit I use.

Cream Cheese.  Amount varies.  This is the “meat” of the stuffing so it’s all dependent upon how thick you want it.

Butter.  To butter the baking dish.  You can also use the baking spray stuff…if you want to get cancer.  (Jk…I don’t have any proof that it gives you cancer.  Don’t sue me.  I’m poor.)

Fresh fruit.  This is the rest of the filling.  Strawberries, Apples, Raisins, Cherries…whatever floats your boat.  Fresh is best but frozen would work (thaw it first and drain or dab it with a paper towel to help remove excess liquid, if there is any).  Once again…amount depends on your taste.

Ok.  Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Beat your eggs with an appropriate amount of milk/cream/water and add s&p to taste plus any other spices you deem appropriate.

2. Butter (or spray) the bottom and sides of your baking dish.

3. Pour enough egg batter in the baking dish to just cover the bottom.

4. Slather several pieces of bread with cream cheese.  As thick or thin as you please.  You’ll be making sandwiches, so if your pan will hold four pieces of bread in one layer, then cheese up eight.

5.  Cover the bottom of the dish (and egg mix) with bread (it’s ok to break up pieces to fill in holes/nooks if you want) cheese side up.

6. Cover the bread layer with fruit or fruit mixture.  (Note: If you use apples – you’ll want to slice or chop them into thinner or smaller pieces, so they will bake through without the rest of the bake burning.  If you want to use thick slices, then I suggest cooking them first. Otherwise, you can pretty much just toss in whatever fresh fruit and spices you wish.  I think baking experiments are fun!!!)

7. Cover the fruit with the rest of the cheesed bread, cheese side DOWN (on the fruit).  If you don’t have enough cheesed bread to cover the dish, then you’ll have to repeat step #4.

8. Pour the rest of the egg mix over the entire casserole   You want enough for it to really soak into the bread.  If you pour it all on and it still seems dry, then beat some more eggs up and add them in.

9. Bake until done.  I think I usually bake it for 30 – 40 min at 350 or so.  It depends on your oven.  Really, you just want the eggs to be cooked and the whole thing heated through.  It should get a nice golden/light brown color.  Cream cheese will be gooey (more obvious the thicker you slather it on).  I feel like this is a pretty forgiving dish.  Even if you burn the top, you can cut it off and still have a great meal.  You don’t need to add syrup or anything but you certainly can if you want. 🙂  I suggest serving with bacon.  Lots of bacon.

Variations –

1)  To make a savory version of this (inspired by Croque Monsieur) omit the cream cheese (Step 4).  After placing dry bread in the pan, you’d cover it with meat, cheese, veggies, spices – whatever you please.  {We love this with ham & cheese (brie is GREAT but so is american.)}  Then you’d cover with more dry bread and pour the rest of the eggs over it to soak into the bread.  You may need to cook the meat (depending on what you use) and harder veggies prior to adding them.  I’ve made this version with JUST cheese and kids have loved it.

2)  If you want to this to look more like French Toast sandwiches, or you just don’t want to use your oven, then make the sandwiches and dip them into the egg mixture.  Then fry them up on the stove in some butter (or oil).  If you do this with the sweet version, I suggest mixing the fruit(s), any spices, and cream cheese together, so that the cheese will help hold the fruit in the stuffing.

Happy Eating!!!



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