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Cake & Pie Photos

Tall layer cake to represent 3 seasons of birthdays being celebrated. Peppermint Chocolate cake balls placed around the cake.

First Homemade Pie

My first homemade pie. It tasted even better than it looked!!

Chocolate Strawberry Cake

To get this look, I used two different size cake pans. I baked the chocolate cakes in the larger pan and the strawberry in the smaller. I used the smaller pan as a template for cutting one of the chocolate cakes. I then removed the center of the chocolate cake and placed it on top of one of the strawberry cakes & placed the other strawberry cake inside the chocolate cake “ring” left from the bigger cake. This was my first SUCCESSFUL attempt at making a tiered & layered cake.

Blackberry Lemonade Cake

Blackberry Lemonade Cake with a simple lemon glaze & sugared blackberries. Heaven on a plate!!


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