Thoughts, Musings, & Ramblings of a Catholic Housewife



Sticking Tongue OutI am a Catholic wife and mother. Harold and I were married in April of 2010.  I love being married. It’s amazing, difficult, awesome, beautiful, painful, and so much more.  We currently have 2 children; one in heaven (Victor Daniel) and a baby girl who is almost 4 months old.  Harold kept telling me that I need to start blogging and sharing my thoughts, musings, and so much more.  I love all things vintage, sparkly, frilly, soft, feminine, sweet, southern, classic, beautiful, and high (heels that is).  However you got here, thanks for stopping by!!  I hope something here may be a blessing to you.

Comment Policy:  Please, if you feel so called, leave a comment or two on any post.  As this is my blog, I reserve the right to refuse to publish any comments that are rude, vulgar, or distasteful (regardless of if I agree with you or not).  Trolling & nasty don’t look good on anyone.