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A Blonde Baker’s Baby Dozen 2.0

After I finished my last list and shared it with a newly pregnant friend, I starting thinking of a few more baby items that we love. ¬†Since I already had 14 (15 if you count how many product links I have) items on my list, I decided I’d just make another list. ūüôā ¬†Most of these aren’t really NEEDED items, but they sure are nice to have if you are gifted them or can find a good deal. ¬†Also, the pictures are also links, for your convenience. ¬†Here we go!

1) Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair It can be used with just about any table.  I love it.  It allows baby to sit at the table with us & folds up flat, so we can take it anywhere with us.  I happened to find ours at a secondhand baby store.





2) Bumbo Seat¬† I have always loved using these – both when I babysat and now with our daughter. ¬†Lightweight, portable (I love portable things), easy to clean, and with the little tray table it’s the perfect little picnic chair for baby. ¬†I would put baby in this, on our bed, against the wall (so she can’t fall off the bed – although, Bumbo specifically states this is a ground seat and shouldn’t be used on raised surfaces) while I got ready or was cleaning the room, etc. ¬†She could watch what I was doing and we could interact but it also kept her from lying on her back or tummy all the time. ¬†Plus, I didn’t have to worry about her rolling off the bed.




3)¬†Swing¬†There are lots of options – some more space saving or portable than others. ¬†We were given a swing by a friend. ¬†It is similar to the one pictured (same brand and similar design). ¬†One thing I must tell you about our swing & this brand – they are durable! ¬†Swings may only be useful from birth to around 6 months (depending on the size of your baby) but they can be used over and over for subsequent babies. ¬†That’s bang for your buck. ¬†Movement helps soothe babies and some great early naps happened in our swing. ¬†We love that thing. ¬†We just recently stopped using it because our baby started arching her back trying the baby in the mirror – this lead to minor safety issue of her hanging off the side of the swing (thank God she was buckled in, so she would just hang & not totally fall out) – didn’t seem to bother her.





4)First Years Bathtub¬†This comes with a sling to use with newborns and then the tub has a reclined side for newborns/babies who can’t hold their head up or sit up and an upright side for babies/toddlers. ¬†We don’t use this at home. ¬†Generally, one of us just gets in the bath with our daughter and the other helps. ¬†However, my mother bought this tub for her house. ¬†Our daughter loves being able to sit up, on her own, in the water and play. ¬†I will put her in this with toys & a little water in the shower with me. ¬†That way she can play while I shower & then I can bathe her. ¬†Win – win!!




5) Steam Sterilizer Bags  I love using these when we travel and for quick things at home (like the paci that rolled under the fridge).  Each bag can be used 20 times before tossing.

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